Weary and wonderful tonight

(E. Crapdone)

(Every year in the last week of August, members of the sports club Brosteinskameratene (cobble stone comrades) run all the distances from 100 to 10.000 meters in memory of Wilma Rudolph and Emil Zatopek. The race takes place on Bislet Stadium on Monday, Wednesday and Friday of that week. On Friday night, after the race is over, there is a banquet where songs are sung by tired men.)

It's late in the evening, I'm in a Chinese cafe

with friends all around me, I'm weary, my face is grey.

A waiter asks me: Do you feel alright?

Then I say, Mister, I feel wonderful tonight.


I've come from a stadium where everyone turned to see

this beautiful athlete that I happen still to be.

And then you ask me: Do I feel alright?

Well, I say, waiter, I feel wonderful tonight.


I feel wonderful, because I see

right there before my eyes,

with a glass of beer and a happy smile

all the other crazy guys

exhausted like me.


It's time to go home now and I have an achin' head.

I get on my old bike and head for my wife and bed.

And when she asks me: Do you feel alright?

% Then I say, darling, I feel wonderful tonight.%


Erik Nord