Erik Nord

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Born in Amsterdam, June 17 1948. Nationality: Norwegian.


Academic training:


Graduate from the Norwegian School of Economics and

Business Administration 1971.

PhD in health economics,Institute of Political Science,

University of Oslo, 1992.




Home: Folke Bernadottes vei 13b, 0862 Oslo.

Phone: (int) + 47 22 23 08 18, mobile (int) + 47 957 53 201.



Married to Cathrine. Four children: Nora, 1981; Even, 1983; Hedda, 2001; Halvor, 2003.




1972-74: Civil servant, Ministry of Consumer Affairs.

The social effects of advertising.

75: Research Fellow, Centre de Recherche sur le

Bien-Etre, Paris. A critique of welfare

economics. Monograph in Norwegian.

76-78: Civil servant (Head of department), Ministry

of Labour. Workers' protection.

79: Research Fellow, Institute of Market Research,

Oslo. Empirical study of supply induced demand

for a durable consumer good. Monograph in Norwegian.

80: Self employed. Novel about the Norwegian Civil

Service (Oslo, Grøndalforlag, 1983).

80: Research Fellow, Institute of Social Research,

Oslo. Data analysis on a national survey of

consumer satisfaction with transportation


81-84: Research Fellow, Norwegian Computing Centre.

Empirical study of effects of computer tech-

nology on employment. Monograph in Norwegian.

85-89: Research Fellow, Norwegian Institute of Public

Health (NIPH), Department of Health Services Research.

90-93: Senior Researcher, same place.

Oct 93

- April

94:Senior Research Fellow, National Centre for

Health Program Evaluation, Monash University,


94 -:Senior Researcher, NIPH, Oslo.

Nov 96

- Feb

1997:Visiting scholar at Stanford University and

RAND, California.


  97 -:Senior Researcher, NIPH, Oslo, since 2003 in the Department of Mental Health.

  2009: Part time professor of health economics at the School of Pharmacy, University of Oslo.



Main research areas and publications


1975-1980: Consumer research and economic welfare theory. Two monographs (100 pages each) and a Norwegian journal article, followed up by a book (All this talk about productivity) published by Universitetsforlaget in 1985.


1981-1984: Labour and employment economics. Two monographs (50 and 130 pages) and 3 Norwegian journal articles.


1985-1989: Social and geographical differences in health and health care. Six articles (incl one international) and a monograph.


1987-1992: Economics of waiting lists. Six articles (incl two international ones) and a monograph (100 pages).


1988-2011: Values in health care and methods and procedures for economic evaluation and priority setting. Ca. 60  articles in international, peer-reviewed journals and books (40 of these as first author) plus 6 articles in Norwegian journals, 4 monographs and 5 other publications.


Text book on "Cost-value analysis in health care", Cambridge University Press, 1999.


1985-2005: Miscellaneous health services research. Ten Norwegian and 5 international original articles.


2004: Book about the process leading up to the ban on smoking in pubs and restaurants in Norway. Griegbok 2004. 120 pages.




Special assignments


Engaged by the OECD in 1997 to do a review of health status indices as outcome measures in international health care statistics.


Engaged as a temporary advisor to the WHO in 1999-2000 in the development of a procedure for establishing disability weights for estimating Global Burden of Disease in terms of DALYs.


Member of the executive committee of the Norwegian National Council for Priority Setting in Health Care 2000-2002.


Member of international expert panel (leader: Jaime Caro) which wrote a report (first draft published in January 2008) for IQWIG in Germany on methods for economic evaluation of health interventions.


Member of ISPOR consensus panel on methods for estimating Quality Adjusted Life Years (QALYs) in economic evaluation of health interventions.


2008-2009: Occasional advisor to NICE in the UK on their procedures for economic evaluation of health interventions.


Advisor to the Norwegian Directorate for Health and the Norwegian Drug Administration in the development of guidelines for economic evaluation of health interventions.